Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warner Bros Studios Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter Grand Opening Recap

This morning was the morning of the grand opening for the wondrous Warner Bros Studios Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter created at Leavesden Studios in London. Though I couldn't attend the opening in person, I was there in spirit! The tour broadcast a live webcast for fans around the world with appearances from the cast, sneak peeks, film clips and much more. 

A little Rupert Grint to start the morning off right...

Helen McCory is beautiful while talking about the tour and looking forward to riding the broomsticks...

My PortKey to the grand opening was out of order, as hard as I tried to make it work...

Try to find the 15 Golden Snitches while on tour. Sweet Evanna could only discover 5.
Could Hedwig host the Oscars?

From just the previews alone and insider sneak-peek footage of the studio, the amount of work that went into combining the sets, clothes, and props from the films looks stunning. The huge scope of the production design and activities for guests to do like find golden snitches, ride the broomsticks in front of a green screen, and get a taste of Butterbeer shows the true amount of care and attention that went into making this the Harry Potter destination for the film franchise.

As all the celebrity guests pointed out going to Leavesden Studio it is pretty much like stepping away from the pages and walking into the imaginary world of Harry Potter to see that it's all real and not instead of our heads! It's probably as close as going to Hogwarts as visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed lands at Universal Studios's theme parks.Congrats to everyone who will be enjoying the tour in the future! I hope you have fun and to join you one day!

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