Warner Bros Studios Grand Opening Webcast

March 28, 2012

At first when it was announced that the Warner Bros. Studio London was underway, I cursed the heavens that I live waaaay across the pond, which made it impossible for me to afford being apart of some of the first tours...but I quickly grew out of that since HELLO - a Harry Potter based studio is opening. With the grand opening taking place only days away, all of us fans stuck at home can be apart of it in spirit. Recently announced by Warner Bros. Studio Tour London‏, they will be streaming the webcast of the limited-ticketed event through their website and official Facebook page this Saturday, March 31st 3PM UK Time. In Eastern Standard Time, U.S., it will be webcasting at 10 AM. Will you be watching? I know I will!

 Also, signalling the nearing opening of Pottermore, it was announced this week and made available: The Harry Potter series for ereaders! Are you rushing online to add the series to your kindle? Will you still keep the physical copes close to your heart?

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