Character Profile: Hedwig

July 27, 2012

One of Harry Potter's first companions throughout his journey through Hogwarts was the snowy owl, Hedwig. This loving pet companion made her first appearance in the series, in the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone when Rubeus Hagrid buys Hedwig as a present for Harry's 11th birthday.

"....and I don't like cats, they make me sneeze. I'll get ya an owl. All the kids want owls, they're dead useful, carry 'yer mail an' everything." - Hagrid, Sorcerer's Stone

 Upon living with the Dursleys, Harry mostly spent his time in his room, and Hedwig was the only living thing in the house which did not loathe the sight of him. Hedwig could often sense what Potter was feeling and bring comfort to the young boy.

In the Wizarding World, owls serve not only as great companions but as a mailing service. Keeping Potter connected to his friends residing out of his isolated muggle world, Hedwig would carry mail out to Potter's friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

On July 27th, 1997, Hedwig was one of the casualties in the Battle of the Seven Potters. While flying through the air trying to escape the Death Eaters, Hedwig intervened a Killing Curse that was meant for Hagrid. This event marked the end of innocence and childhood for young Harry Potter.

What's your favorite moment with Hedwig?

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