Monday, July 09, 2012

Young Harry Potter Cast Answers Fan Questions in Today's Video Flashback


In today's Video Flashback, we take a look at CNN Exclusive, where several members of the cast answered fans questions as The Half Blood Prince film was being released, and filming for Deathly Hallows Part 1 began. (For any reason that the video does not work, a summary below!)

Felton, who had been asked 'What did he do to prepare for the sixth film considering his role is a lot bigger in this film than the others?' answered that he calmed his nerves with David Yates and didn't do a lot of socializing on set.

Daniel Radcliffe gave a disappointing answer to a rather excellent question (his remarks!) - What preparation he does to play Harry Potter, considering he is quite an obsessive reader of literature. He replied that he doesn't add a lot of literary characteristics that he reads to his performances, though he does sometimes commit to memorize lines of poetry and film. And, mostly ends up forgetting them when actually filming.

Rupert Grint responded to how he can feel lost while filming scenes out of continuity and out of sequence, and David Yates expressed praised for the film production and crew, and briefly described how the creatures for the films are built through paintings, then drawing drafts, and the actual construction.

And to end the video interview, Emma Watson remarked that her favorite scene to film for the Half Blood Prince was when Hermione helps Ron Weasley succeed in his Quidditch game tryouts.

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