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10 Good and Bad Examples of Gilderoy Lockhart's Celebrity Advice

He trekked the most exotic regions of the world battling ghouls, banshees, and yetis. A glittering smile was permanently etched on his face. His handsome physique dropped plenty of pantaloons. Unfortunately, none of Gilderoy Lockhart's published adventures were true.

This painfully superficial celebrity wiped out witches and wizards memories and stole their stories to make his own. After one particular memory charm backfired on him, Lockhart couldn't remember his persona, his star faded away and the famous wizard disappeared as a patient of St. Mungo's Hospital.

But his greatest piece of advice might have been to a young Harry Potter in Chamber of Secrets: "Fame is a fickle friend. Celebrity is as celebrity does." When you get fifteen minutes of fame, you can do whatever you want; blow it all on booze and one night stands, help others through organizations and charities, get mixed up in the tabloids. Dipping into celebritydom, we point out ten good and bad examples of his few worthwhile words of wisdom.

Audrey Hepburn - Good Recognized in popular culture as an everlasting style icon and for her roles like Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffanys, Audrey Hepburn's grace wasn't just a persona she switched on for the big screen. Growing up in war-torn Europe during World War II, Hepburn knew the pain and suffering that took place in the world. Once retiring from film in her older age, Hepburn worked with organizations like Unicef bcoming a Goodwill Ambassador helping impoverished children around the world.

Alec Baldwin - Bad The 30 Rock actor was once under fire for an ear-opening tirade against his teen daughter in 2008. Leaving her a telephone message which was released on TMZ, he was heard angrily calling her 'rude, thoughtless little pig' among other offensive titles. Not learning from this rant, he's gone on again and again to let it rip on companies and celebrities. You'd think one tirade would be enough to say adios to this actor, but somehow he just keeps letting his mouth fly and the job offers keep coming.

Beyonce - Good - A diva of the stage Beyonce is one of the highest selling music artists in the world today. Creating album after album that are a hit on the charts and performing red-hot concerts, this talented songtress and her husband Jay-Z have helped create permanent housing units in her hometown of Houston, Texas and teamed up with organizations like Goodwill to create job creation in the US and Europe. She has also donated her voice to causes such as creating music videos and performing at organization campaigns that are dedicated to female empowerment.

Angelina Jolie - Good A classic rebel girl gone and done good story. Actress Angelina Jolie always seemed to be a world-famous actress. Early in her career she earned an Academy Award for her supporting performance in Girl Interrupted, and was once known more for her rebel image both on-screen and in real life. In the past decade she turned the fame tides however, using her celebrity to work for countless organizations such as Unicef and adopting children with longtime beau and actor Brad Pitt.

Lindsay Lohan - You Decide. Flourishing in show business at a very young age in films like The Parent Trap and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Lindsay Lohan became one of the most memorable child stars of the past two decades. And one of the most struggling. Despite consistent efforts to break away from the bad girl image, her public image has been tarnished by multiple arrests, court battles, unrelenting paparazzi, and addiction. The young starlet has become a product of how fame can tarnish a once promising star.

The Kardashians - Bad Kim, Kloe, and Kourtney. Ions ago their fifteen minutes expired with a leaked sex tape. With reality shows, divorce debacles, babies, clothing lines, books, and talk shows, their earned notoriety has long since been extended for parts of the public that remain highly captivated. They're famous. For what "talents" exactly - who knows.

Ellen Degeneres - Good. A young Louisianian comedian made waves through Hollywood and the world when she was the first character to come out on a television show and in real life. Literally forgotten by Hollywood and facing severe backlash, it took several years before we saw Ellen Degeneres again. Now, she's more than a household name in the talk show biz. Her daytime platform has raised awareness against issues like bullying, encouraged audiences to laugh and dance through the hardest challenges in their lives, and gives generously to both organizations and viewers in need.

Charlie Sheen - Bad First known as an action star of B-rated proportions, Charlie Sheen became the creepy angry guy on CBS television show, Two and a Half Men. Then came 2011 when Sheen was the creepy angry guy in real life ranting and catapulting phrases like "winning" and "tiger blood" temporarily into every day vernacular. Getting promptly fired from CBS, Sheen has gone on to be a creepy angry guy on FX television Anger Management...and his misogynistic personality prevails.

Chris Brown - Bad. Once known as an American recording artist with nothing to lose shocked the world when photos of his musician girlfriend Rhianna brutally beaten were revealed in 2009. Since then Brown has been involved with multiple altercations with other rap artists such as Drake and Frank Ocean, in bar fights, and once smashed a window in his dressing room following an appearance on Good Morning America. Though his music his continued to top the charts, his celebrity reputation has elevated to being more than a hotheaded bad boy.

JK Rowling - Good. She wrote one of the most successful children's series of all time, which has been into several theme parks around the world and the biggest film franchise of all time. Despite her obvious notoriety Author JK Rowling hasn't really fallen into celebritydom, despite legality issues that made its way to the public. In her time of tremendous success, she founded Lumos which helps end the systematic institutionalisation of children across Europe, written multiple companion books to Harry Potter where the proceeds went to charity, and donated to healthcare organizations dedicated to helping those who suffer with multiple sclerosis.

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