Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hufflepuff Common Room Inspiration

The interior decoration for houses like Hufflepuff was left up to the imagination of the readers. What we know about the friendly and loyal house was that they were located near the kitchen, almost in the basement. Inhabited by great finders and comfort-seekers, the humble abode of Hufflepuffs is meant to be sunny and earthy.

Because its head of house - Professor Sprout - was proficient in Herbology, many plants are used for decoration. Here gathered together is a visual guide of ideas and inspiration for any Hufflepuff student who would like to create their beloved common room. A special kitchen edition will be coming soon!

DIY Terrariums
Create your own small terrariums with these do it yourself guides.
Info by Pennys Day Book


  1. As a Hufflepuff, I would love to spend my time here. Great choices!

    1. Thank you Lauren! I hope you enjoy creating a fun Hufflepuff place some day! :)

  2. If Hufflepuff's had a type of coat hanger, what do you think it would look like? would they be those hat type stands or wall hook? I'm designing my room as with low key Hufflepuff themes as to prove i'm mature to my mom, but still secretly be the little Potterhead I am, so thank you for making this. <3 :3


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