Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Opening Ceremonies and Quidditch at LeakyCon 2014

A day prior to the Open at the Close event held at Universal Studios, the official festivities of LeakyCon 2014 began at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. An open book for many of its convention goers Thursday allowed convention-goers to get a sneak peek of the events and panels to come.

LeakyCon separates itself by other conventions with its dedication to bringing fans together. One of the special ways convention goers can spend time and get to know each other is through meet-ups. These clubhouse-esque meetings were held in the morning where fanboys and girls met their peers and made friends for the duration of the weekend ahead and the years to come.

Possibly the big event of the day's activities was the opening ceremony; a comical show starring a variety of stars and actors that were on hand for panels and autograph signings made up the cast. This year's story themed around 'Alice in Tumblrland' a young girl who follows down the social media rabbit hole to identify herself as a fangirl and save her beloved fandoms that are risk for destruction.

I've included a video below of one significant scene where Alice meets the Eleventh Doctor and 80s time traveler Marty Mcfly (Back to the Future); both time wards who give her valuable advice for moving ahead in her journey. Another significant scene may have also been the grand finale when the villainess Maleficent insults some of our favorite character's terrible demises.

The evening events included a panel of Disney Sing-Along and Wizard Rock concert. But there was another ceremony that I was excited to participate in. A little sporting event known as Quidditch was taking place in the Merchants Alley. The Harry Potter Alliance faced off against LeakyCon in the first ever annual Quidditch Tournament.

Where gamers 'fly' around with broomsticks between their legs, cast bludgers between hoops, and try to capture the golden snitch, seeing the popular contest from the Harry Potter books in person was exciting and much more captivating than I had previously thought. Though I was not quite certain of how the muggle version of this game is played, the boundaries of how the players gain points was quite intricate and easy to catch on.

Following the Quidditch match, it was time for me to head back home where I would begin another exciting day at the convention filled with the Harry Potter cast, wandlore, and John Green goodiness.

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