Sunday, November 16, 2014

Customize Your Internet Library with MyWebRoom

I have a lot of bookmarks but I'm not very good at keeping them organized. Which is why I was very happy to accept the invitation to review MyWebRoom; a customizable interface that allows you to organize your e-library.

Ever wish your bookmarks could transform from a flat design to a decorative and interactive archive? Well, after easily signing up to MyWebRoom, choose a decorative wallpaper of a wide selection. Live in the city and wish to be somewhere more quiet, transport your bookmarks into a reserve in a scared forest, or a hut by the beach. Love to travel? There are plenty of cities to choose from to like Morocco, Milan, and New York City. For tv show fanatics, and book lovers like us Harry Potter fans, you can choose from The Hunger Games, Nightmare Before Christmas, and like mine above - Harry Potter.

Placed alongside the room are items where you can store your social networks. Click a television to go to Netflix or Hulu, click on the bookshelf for literature, click on the wardrobe for fashion - and so on. Sort out your bookmarks with various furniture and objects; click and see what websites are there. Not only does MyWebRoom make it wildly accessible to organize your own favorite sites but their lists offer so many more that I didn't know existed.

Perhaps the one crime against my computer I commit on a regular basis, it's probably that I open to many tabs at once. Offering thousands of free apps to all of my favorite websites is practically eliminated with the multi-tasking I can do from my room too.

If you're looking for an easy to use interface that is smooth, organized, and fun, look to MyWebRoom. Have fun decorating your own virtual pad for your all your bookmarks and apps. Share your room with friends and stay connected to your favorite social networks. Live it up online!

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  1. Well that's definitely something I've never heard of! What a great idea!


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