5 Awesome Videos by Harry Potter Vlogger Lyle Storm

Do you watch youtubers?...what am I saying? Of course you do. Well, if you're ready to watch an awesome Harry Potter channel, you gotta check out Lyle Storm.

As a fellow and huge Harry Potter fan, Lyle vlogs about the series. In fact he tries to vlog about every day! Taking the love he has for the series, he has some great videos about the books, movies, and new events like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play (hitting the West End this summer!). I've included five of my favorites below. I hope you check out his channel and support a fellow Potterhead!

My House Is What?!
Lyle has always been a Ravenclaw but where is he sorted with the new Pottermore test? The results surprised him, and may surprise you!

Let's Play Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!
Experience the nostalgia with Lyle as he plays Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game. Awesome game!

Is the Cursed Child going to be Good?
This summer Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be performed on the West End in London this summer. The story will center on Albus Potter struggling with his family's legacy. We all want more Harry Potter...but will the Cursed Child meet expectations? Lyle debates the answer.

Make the Potter Challenge
Traveling somewhere or doing something that just doesn't excite? Lyle presents the Potter challenge: make as many connections to the wizarding world and Harry Potter as possible to make your day more magical.

A Tribute to Alan Rick and Severus Snape
The world simply lost this great talent way too soon. Lyle shares a lovely tribute for the man who portrayed Severus Snape, the one and only Alan Rickman.

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