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Wizarding Wireless Network - This Week In Harry Potter News February 20th, 2018

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Lightning has struck! I repeat, Lightning has struck! So much happens in the wizarding world, it can be as hard to keep track as a Snitch in a Quidditch match. From the books and movies to the theme parks and spin-offs, here is a weekly rundown of this past week's events in Harry Potter news.

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+ Watching the Winter Olympics? Check out this dad who carved a whole Harry Potter themed land for his daughters in their front yard!

+ Could we have had a different Bill Weasley? Comoran Strike star Tom Burke revealed that he initially auditioned to play curse-breaker and half-werewolf.

+ Heads up #HarryPotter fans in #Manchester: A bakery is selling a Harry Potter sorting egg for Easter… and it’s wand-erful

+ From Scooby-doo to Harry Potter, a California shop Honey & Butter is conjuring magical pop culture tributes macaroon style

+ These Gryffindor socks might just make you squeal with delight. It did for actress and Harry Potter star Dawn French

+ According to this epic survey, 1763 fans chose THIS Harry Potter is the most common favorite book of the series. But is it yours? Where does your favorite book land in the results?

+ Looking to switch your scenery up a bit? Find out where you could be belong! Check out Listability's best locations based on your Hogwarts house!

This Week On Potter Talk - In Case You Missed It

+ Celebrating Alan Rickman's birthday with gorgeous Severus Snape fan art from around the web

+ What has Ginny Weasley been up to lately? We celebrated actress Bonnie Wright's birthday with a career profile on her latest projects

+ Hogwarts is coming back to life in a new Lego set! Check out the amazing collection set for release later this year!

+ Celebrating an anniversary or special occasion with your special Muggle? These Harry Potter inspired Valentine's Day treats are fun to share all year around

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