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Wizarding Wireless Network - This Week In Harry Potter News March 9th, 2018

This Week In Harry Potter News March 9th, 2018
Lightning has struck! I repeat, Lightning has struck! Like trying to catch the Golden Snitch in a massive thunderstorm, it can be hard to keep track of all the latest developments in the wizarding world. From the books and movies to the theme parks and spin-offs, here is a weekly rundown of this past week's events in Harry Potter news. * Please note the links in this post are NOT sponsored*

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The Latest News

+ Congrats to Warner Bros Studios Tours London which celebrated their 10th millionth visitor! They commemorated the special moment by counting down the favorite memories fans have made at the epic Harry Potter soundstages.

+ Fantastic Beasts actress Alison Sudol shared her experiences of being a GreenPeace Ambassador and the amazing women she's met on her journey

+ For International Women's Day, Pottermore celebrated the incredible women from the Harry Potter series who have inspired us.

+ Actress Emma Watson attended the Vanity Fair After-Oscars Party in support of Time's Up with a fake tattoo acknowledging the movement. Despite a spelling error, she took the simple mistake in stride

+ Legally Black and the Advocacy Academy's new campaign casts black actors into iconic movie roles to make a necessary call for more representation in entertainment

+ Singer Zayn Malik confirmed his Harry Potter superfan status with a new Voldemort tattoo

+ Are you actively fighting the good fight in the world? standing up for your beliefs and rights? The Harry Potter Alliance reminds us why #SelfCareMagic is so important as members of Dumbledore's Army

+ Harry Potter superfans Tessa Netting and Brizzy Voices launched a new podcast Fantastic Geeks (and Where To Find Them)! It's available on Apple, so go ahead and subscribe!

+ Heads up Illinois fans: Aurora's epic Harry Potter festival is ready to commence in June but fans should know it'll have a different name as requested Warner Bros

Can't Miss Blog Posts

+ Stacey's Penseive reveals her latest Harry Potter unboxing from the Australian subscription service Poptaria. AND check-out her awesome Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter room tour!

+ What comes to mind when you think of underrated Fantastic Beasts? A Geek Girl's Guide gives her picks of Newt's overlooked magical creatures

+ Want to add a dash more of Hogwarts magic to your home? EPOT shares their amazing tutorial for Hogwarts house inspired nightlights 

+ Heads Up Ron Weasley fans: Writer and fangirl mediamedusa holding a Ron Weasley inspired giveaway on instagram

+ March is filled with Potterific birthdays! Don't miss out on celebrating your favorite character or actor's special day!

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