Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Which Quidditch Position Would You Play?

Harry Potter Quidditch Positions
I'd always heard about Quidditch and seen it in the movies, but until reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone I hadn't really understood the rules and positions. Of course, after reading how Harry outbroomed Draco during flying class and was given instructions by Oliver Wood, my thoughts runneth away about which position I could snag had I been a member of the Gryffindor team. Let the dissection begin!

Beater - There were never really activities in gym class which required me to have considerable upperarm strength - a must for a beater! So I can only guesstimate that a beater should have the physical strength between opening a jar of pickles without help to a good pitcher's arm like in baseball. I definitely have neither so batting away bludgers for an entire match might not be the best place for me. Especially since the decent balance I have is to keep myself upright while walking, I probably couldn't swing and fly at the same time....

Chaser - A position for athletes who are given the responsibility of scoring team points by swinging the Quaffle through the three-hoops of the opposite team. I pretty much excelled at every sport growing up besides basketball. No matter how close I positioned myself to the hoops, I never succeeded in getting one through- and that was with two feet on the ground. Though aiming the Quaffle at three hoops would probably add odds in my favor, I think I'll need something a little more stationery...

Seeker - The main attraction to this position, since I am a fellow Gryffindor, is to follow in Harry's footsteps and seek Golden Snitch. However, the skills of a seeker tend to go on the fast side and there is a major realization that scoring an upset victory would rest on my shoulders. Chasing after a fly ball in baseball was never my forte...However, hitting it on the other hand...

Keeper - is definitely something I can do! To be a keeper is to protect the three goal posts from the opposite team attempting to score. Any game where I could hit a ball was something I excelled at - give me a goal post to protect and I'll succeed. Though the heaviness of the gear does make me worry about how long I could last batting back and forth between the three hoops, I definitely think it's something I would get used to! So, for me, Keeper it is! :D

Which Quidditch position most suits you? Or is your rightful place cheering others on from the stands?

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