Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Deserve Oscar Nominations?

 Unlike any other year in Harry Potter film history, Warner Bros. is pushing hard (and rightfully so) for film academy recognition for Deathly Hallows Part Two. With superb performances by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Alan Rickman, and considerably a few others, and an astonishing final film to cap off the ten year journey of the biggest film franchise in the world, it would seem that at least a Best Picture nomination would be a lock.

Sadly, as the SAG and Golden Globe nomination lists have just been released, there isn't one nomination in sight. Even though Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 was one of the first highest rated films by critics for the year, so far in the critics pool Harry Potter hasn't been nominated once.

Which begs the question: Do we still have a chance at an Oscar nomination?
The Oscars is what Warner Bros is stoutly standing behind and pushing for, and though the Oscars aren't too far off, is there enough time for there to be a turn-around in our favor? I'd like to think because Inception was the first 'action-drama-thiller' to be nominated last year - Harry Potter which is overall far more about story than action - still has a chance for Best Picture. There are five to ten slots for Best Pictures, let's not forget!

But, there is the question and wonderment over how the cast hasn't been nominated, not even Alan Rickman. Considerably, one of the most favorite poignant performances of the series - critics and audiences alike roared with the idea that Rickman should be recognized for Snape. But, any academy or critic recognition for him have been much more like a whisper than a bang. Personally, it is my devout belief, that Daniel Radcliffe should be recognized as well. Not only did he partake in a cinematic-history making moment by being one of the first actors to literally grow up on screen for one series - but his performance as Harry in Deathly Hallows is nothing short of heartbreaking. The final scene at Platform 9 3/4 always leaves me without words. (Perhaps that's just the end of the series talking, but...)

I certainly would like to believe that Harry Potter still has a Best Picture chance for reasons mentioned above, but there is something tricky to the nomination game when it comes to the snubbing of many worthy movies that are looked over. I would love to wave my wand and say "Accio Oscar" but like Hermione, Ron, and Harry standing in Bellatrix's vaults, magic isn't going over very well with the Academy or film associations.

What is your take? Are you passed the point of caring over Harry Potter & and the Award Shows?

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