Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Very Potter Birthday

So today is my birthday - I'm turning 22 - and this is really my first Harry Potter themed party. A little too late and I'm probably a little too old (depending on who you may be/think of a college student having her first HP party) but I'm looking forward to having a good day today doing all things Harry Potter!

Mostly, I'm watching a Harry Potter marathon - kicking off the day with Sorcerer's Stone at 9 am, filling in as many movies as possible until nighttime- to which I will watch Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2. As luck would have it ABC Family is showing the series on television but I'm kicking it dvd style to avoid the commercials. I'll also be taking my first stab at making ButterBeer and word has it that Hagrid will be sending me a specially-made cake. Somewhere during the day I'll probably A) work in a few fan videos to watch, B) start reading Chamber of Secrets (curse you college finals for stealing away free time!) or C) start working on some HP inspired craft ideas I have. *shhhh* They're a surprise and super cool!

...So it's really not that much of a big ta-dah party but I'm excited nonetheless! Pictures and thoughts of the first Harry Potter birthday and Chamber of Secrets books shall commence soon!

Is there something last-minute I could/SHOULD squeeze in today? What are some of your best Potter birthday memories?

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