Wednesday, March 07, 2012

J.K. Rowling Announces New Post-Potter Book

Announced in Late February, Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling announced that she has a new book prime for release. AND: It's geared towards adults. Since J.K. Rowling has dropped helpful and unhelpful tips that her next book may or may not be Harry Potter based, lets give some a healthy speculation to what her new book is about:

Earthly drama? When I think of literature, I think of contemporary or historical timelines - Austen, Dickens, romance, family, political issues. If Rowling has a dramatic novel up her sleeve, there is a slight chance it will be based in the modern world. No Hogwarts, broomsticks or goblins. Would she go down the road of Rhett and Scarlett and unhatch a literary couple that would swoon the world over?

Or, perhaps a thriller? Mob families, murders, and disappearances, oh my! Perhaps Rowling took mystery and suspense and re-invented the wheel. Maybe a whole new world of private detectives and 'unsolvable' crimes is waiting for us underneath the cover sleeve?

More fantasy to take flight: It won't necessarily have to concern broomsticks, goblins or hippogriff. Like her or hate her, Stephanie Meyers work captivated millions of readers with her take on werewolves and vampires. Who or what else could Rowling toy with? We would have never thought of hippogriff or dementors hadn't it been for her. Is there are more adult Hogwarts-like world (not XXX styled, please!) waiting for us? Could Rowling had penned an encyclopedia for us adults?

Another series? A personal hope of mine is that it will be...mostly because for 2/3 of the HP journey, I was blind to its charm. To relive an experience like HP - standing in line for the next book is just a personal wish of mine sunk to the bottom of my dream bowl. I doubt Rowling will pluck it from its place but I can hope, right? A series or not, I'll be the first in line (no online pre-ordering for me, I don't think) at my local B&N since I missed out with the rest of HP books.

And, EXPECTATIONS: Harry Potter was a once in a lifetime series with billions of devotees and dollars wrapped into it. Pffft, there's no pressure for Rowling!! At least, from me, there isn't. I know as a beta-tester for Pottermore, Rowling and her team have come under some pretty severe fire from fans because of its delayed opening. Will you or other fans write Rowling off when the next book comes out and it doesn't satiate expectations?

Personally, no matter the style of the next book, I hope "reality" doesn't crush down on Rowling too much, and all of us fans can adapt to the next chapter in her imagination.

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