Monday, March 19, 2012

Whatever Happend(s) to Colin Creevey?

From the whole series, especially from seeing the movies, it's pretty obvious to gauge who Seamus, Lavendar Brown, Neville Longbottom, etc. are  - essentially characters in the movies and books who had somewhat supporting roles. 

An endearing character, however, seems to be entirely erased from the rest of the film series, despite his pretty big supporting role in Chamber of Secrets (the book and film). You know who he is, right?! That little sweet kid who had his camera in Potter's business at every waking turn. With no real explanation as to why, he all put disappears from the screen after the second film. Which leads me to ask: Whatever Happend(s) to Colin Creevey?

I understand Creevey wasn't important as some of the other central characters like Fred or Ginny. For the young blond to be included more would have been a challenge to JK Rowling to pluck Creevey into the picture here and there. But, I am struck we don't even see Creevey interact with Ginny, who are both in the same year....Or, is that still to come?

Of course, there's five more books to tend to so I'm interested to see where that little innocent and over-the-top enthusiastic Colin Creevey winds up...if Wikipedia doesn't get the better of me and I look it up.

As the Potterheads are like we are, totally geeked out by the series and characters, had JK Rowling known what a phenomenon her series would have been, do you think Colin could have been inspired by us Potterheads?  

Isn't there a little Creevy in all of us?


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