Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Harry Potter Encyclopedia by JK Rowling

For the past week or so, it's been a very happy week for us Potterheads, hasn't it?! Atop of the all the great news like Pottermore opening and JK Rowling announcing her new book title and date, another humdinger came our way: JK Rowling will be publishing a Harry Potter encyclopedia.

Since we've all been waiting for a fully accounted book of the Harry Potter world (and some fans have argued more desire for an 8th HP book), this announcement came as a surprise. I sorta already figured that Pottermore is the Harry Potter Encyclopedia. After all on Pottermore, we can unlock all kinds of neat JoRo approved information and the inspiration behind our favorite characters, moments, places, etc. However, some information is scarce while others are lengthy - not in a compact package with a nice bow....

But, no matter, no matter - what are you excited to read about the encyclopedia? I think my happiness builds from the idea that it will be a printed dictionary that I can flip through and go "Ohhhh, I remember that now" or "Oooooh, so that's why that is!" No slight to any Harry Potter fan sites, not even my own - but it will be nice to have a JoRo approved dictionary of our beloved magical world. Also, something else that is very agreeable: All of the proceeds will go to charity?! Very cool!

So, who or what will you be most excited to
read about in the new encyclopedia?

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