Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pottermore Interview with BetaTester Imari

 Pottermore has officially opened, and I still thought it would be good to squeeze my interview with Imari onto the site. Her insights are Pottermore very informative, and there is so much that I agree with. Enjoy!

What is your name, and how did you become a Harry Potter fan?
My real name is Imari, but I use Zulimar von Znodgrass as my "witch alter-ego." I've enjoyed the Harry Potter world since I was probably around 11 or 12 when the first books were published here in the U.S., however it wasn't until maybe two years ago that I took the deep-end dive into this fandom.

How did you feel about the magical quill process, and were you excited to get your acceptance letter?
I was very nervous about the magical quill process because the challenge was immensely popular; it'd be over within minutes of coming online! This lead me to believe I wouldn't be quick enough to even go through the process because the spots would run out so fast. I did eventually end up completing it (on Day 4, if I'm not mistaken) and I was stoked! I was like a silly, giddy little kid when I received my acceptance letter. It's what every Harry Potter fan dreams of.

Did you enjoy, or not enjoy, the sorting hat process? Were you satisfied with the house you were sorted into?

The sorting hat process had my stomach in knots and my breath held! Although I've always thought of myself as a Slytherin and wanted nothing more than to be sorted "correctly," I put those thoughts aside as best as I could and answered the questions honestly (and with crossed fingers!). Because I did just that, it was even more exciting being sorted into Slytherin because it confirmed what my true house was. In reality, I'm pretty much a combination of Slytherin and Ravenclaw so if I got sorted into Ravenclaw (or any other house), I'd be disappointed but would accept it either way.

What is your favorite part(s) about Pottermore thus far?
I love the illustrations and recently added sounds that accompany the stories. It makes the experience a more pleasant and enjoyable one and brings it to life with how interactive it is.

Do you like collecting items, shopping at Diagon alley, etc?
I do! These activities, for me, are what make the site so special and the overall experience that much more great. Not to mention, it makes you feel less of a muggle and more involved in that world.

What changes would you like to see made at Pottermore?

Pottermore is a site that was crafted for fans of all ages and the things I'd like to see added would probably be suitable for more mature fans for safety reasons. That being said, I think maybe something like Quidditch or Wizard's Chess somehow being integrated into the site would be great addition for everyone. Being able to purchase a broomstick and virtually play for my house would be super awesome.

How would you rate your excitement on exploring the rest of the books, and for Pottermore's official opening?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most excited, I'm probably at around a 8.5 for the opening of the other books. I can't wait to explore them because I know the more time the Pottermore team spends on it, the closer to perfection it'll be. The artwork and extra text from J.K. Rowling made exploring the first book so cool and it's no doubt it'll get even better with the release of the next books. As for the official opening, I just know I'll be happy for the other fans because they've been DYING to get through. Their excitement will be through the roof.

If readers would like to reach Imaria, they can do so at where she is the "Head Girl" at the Haus of Slytherin. The Haus of Slytherin is a private Tumblr blog where all sorted Slytherins can view and share content with each other and sort of feel "at home," like in a true common room. She felt like that component was missing from Pottermore's own common room and set out to attempt to create that atmosphere. Everyone who embraces their Slytheriness and has been sorted into Slytherin are welcome to join!

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