Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pottermore Interviews With BetaTester Alyssa

My first interview for this series took place with Alyssa, also known as OakSnitch89 on Pottermore. Here, Alyssa shares her view points. To get to know her more, or to follow her, she's over at tumblr with  The Other Side of Sanity as well as Getting that Ripped Body. Thank you Alyssa!

What is your name, and how did you become a Harry Potter fan?
My name is Alyssa and I became a Harry Potter Fan when I was about 8 or 9 years old :)

How did you feel about the magical quill process, and were you excited to get your acceptance letter?
I thought it was a really creative way to have people join! The only thing I did not like about it was that it some areas you had to stay up really late to join it  and it was kind of confusing but overall was a fun way. I was very excited to get my acceptance letter! I literally jumped up and down a raced home from school.

Did you enjoy, or not enjoy, the sorting hat process? Were you satisfied with the house you were sorted into?

I loved the sorting hat process! It was so unique!  There was no way you could cheat your way into the house that you wanted. I was very satisfied, but honestly I would have been satisfied with any of the houses :)

What is your favorite part(s) about Pottermore thus far?
Brewing Potions is my favorite part of Pottermore so far!

Do you like collecting items, shopping at Diagon alley, etc?
I do but it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.

What changes would you like to see made at Pottermore?
I want more interactive stuff and more realistic games. I would love for them to actually have classes where you could learn some of the stuff that they would learn at Hogwarts.

How would you rate your excitement on seeing the rest of the books, and for Pottermore's official opening?
On a scale from 1-10 it is probably an 8!

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