Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Harry Potter and the MTV Movie Awards

Have you voted yet? No, SERIOUSLY, have you voted yet?! This is really our last chance to win some awards - okay, they're just MTV movie awards... but let's look back at Harry Potter's history at the MTV Movie Awards.

UGH, we don't really have one. Including this year, we've been nominated a total 21 times, only winning twice - both for Best Villain for Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy. Seeing as Best Villain isn't a category this year, we have no chance obviously for even gaining that one.

Now in our last hour with the final film done, out, finished for almost a year, Twilight is on its way out and The Hunger Games has taken over. So if we really say it out loud no-holds-barred: at The MTV Movie Awards, the Harry Potter series was screwed...

Even if we just take a look at all the films for all the award shows we won very minimal - even for technical production. The most awards we won in a single evening was the Scream Awards, where we took home six including The Ultimate Scream. I don't know about ya'll but I've been voting my buns off for Movie of the Year, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Cast, Best Fight, Best Hero. I figure we might not win Best Kiss because Twilight has won that four years in a row, so I'm putting my votes to the most important. (Emma Watson and Tom Felton will be in the house and presenting at the MTV Movie Awards! Let's not let them walk away empty-handed!)

Can we, will we win one award on June 3rd on MTV?
Guess we'll all have to pray, tune-in, and watch!

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