Thursday, May 17, 2012

35 Ways to Cure Your Post Potter Depression

Guide to Cure Your Post Potter Depression

The Harry Potter books and films may have drawn to a close in 2011. Post Potter depression and boredorm is a difficult thing to suffer from. Luckily, while ruminating on this topic, I came up with a list of cures - for Post Potter depression, boredom, sick, or whenever!

Watch Harry Potter movies and read the books. That's every Potterheads first instinct, right?

Stalk the Harry Potter tumblr tag and reblog like a boss.

Catch up on YouTube montages and frickin awesome fan videos:The Epic Potter Montage (really Potter was only uttered 200 times?), Bellatrix Lestrange - So What?!, Run This Town - the Deathly Hallows (watch it in HD!!), Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Girl With The Dragon Tattoo style!

ALSO, cheer yourself up with Potter Puppet Pals, A Very Harry Potter Musical and Wizard Wrock.

Write rebuttals or send in confessions to Harry Potter Confessions. So many I agree with, and so many I don't. Where to start, where to start...

Brainstorm your own spells for curing the flu, wave your magic wand, and see how long it takes to work!

Start the 30 day Harry Potter Challenge

Write your own listof the 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments. Use the original telecast as inspiration.

Take quizzes:Who Said That? Fun Trivia, Which Harry Potter Character Are You?, How Much Do You Know about Harry Potter? and Who Is Your Harry Potter Love Match

Try to accomplish a master Potterhead list Do some creative journaling: Get a simple pen and journal and ponder: If you stood before the Mirror of Erised right now, what would you desires show? Can it be evil or good to be invincible? What are some of the darker and lighter qualities you possess? What did your favorite character teach you from the series?

Try to survive the one day Harry Potter marathon.

Sketch out ideas for what your very own Weasley sweater would look like. If you know knitting, get started. If you don't, start on smaller HP related projects, grow your skills, and then make sweaters!

Grab your books and the movies, and sit and just ruminate over all of the memories you have with the series. Grab a journal, or scrapbook, and document every thing you can, have, and want to savor.

Take part in the re-reading discussions and challenges here or across social media. Re-Read the series yourself and journal your thoughts on each chapter, what you love/don't love, etc. Add your comments to the discusssions online!

Give Thanks To Harry.

Save up every pretty penny for a trip to Orlando or Leavesden Studios. Not just the trip if you're flying long-distance, but all the rad and unbelievable loot you'll want to take home!

Create a Pinterest board of the Ron/Hermione or Harry/Ginny weddings, what Dramiones kids would have looked like, and all your other canon and headcanon dreams!

Perfect your nail art!

Support the team!Go to see the casts new movies in theaters, watch their interviews, see them live on Broadway. Keep on supporting the team!

Make a  Zentangle

Stock your collection of Harry Potter merchandise. And, then re-arrange and decorate your shelf exactly how you want it.

Read all 7 books on one month or in one week.

Make connections with others, and develop your own golden trio

Adopt a dog and name him Padfoot or a rat and name him Scabbers, or a cat and name her Crookshanks. Make sure it's a pet that you will take care of and love! Animals always deserve to find their forever home!

Help Save the Owls. We all love the owls from Harry Potter like Hedwig. But that doesn't mean we or anyone else should try to make exotic creatures their pets. Check out my guide on how to help these animals safe from harm.

Get the Wizarding Look! Start styling and decorating your room or house to be more like the Harry Potter series!

Make Harry Potter Monopoly or Clue Game

Decoupage a trunk with Harry Potter images and fill it up with your Potter memorabilia

Play a real game of Quidditch or come up with your own wizarding game like Quidditch with a crazy point system, goals, and players.

Make or get a Lion's Head like Luna Lovegood

Buy Harry Potter merchandise. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to treat yourself to something nice and represent your favorite series and characters.

Convert a plain pair of Converse shoes and Potterfy them!

Draw your own interpretations of the characters and scenes

Withdraw from Harry Potter for six months straight, and go back to it with a refreshed mind

Speak only in Harry Potter quotes for one full day from the books or the movies, or both, you decide!