Friday, May 25, 2012

Potions, Spells or Quidditch, Oh My Pottermore!

So, Pottermore has been open to all for more than a month now. I was so happy when I became a beta tester, and worked with my fellow Potterheads to make the site better. Much has been improved upon, and yet there are a few areas I know I still struggle with...

Today's topic isn't an area of Pottermore I made an attempt for requests of changes, however it is an asset of the site that I've been struggling with since DAY ONE: Spells and Potions.

You know the deal: we can duel using spells against each other, and practice making potions. You know the frustration too. Every time we try to brew a potion, our wands always fire for too long at the cauldron and the whole potion blows up in our faces. 20+ Galleons GONE. When we go to duel in a spell fight, we're not quick enough to make a qualifying spell. The actual lettering on my keyboard, GONE.

I don't know how fellow students do it, but I haven't gained any house points. Only 23 total is what I've gained. I'm pretty sure if you could lose for being behind in house points, I would lose. And, I'm pretty sure the points I do have they were mostly gathered through collecting objects.

Now, where does Quidditch come in? I'm not quite sure because we can't play Quidditch on Pottermore. It really only turned out to be one page in Chapter 11 of Sorcerer's Stone, where we clicked a few times to catch the Golden Snitch. I found this to be disappointing since Quidditch is such a intricate part of the first novel.

Way more than Spells and Potions, (though out of the two, I prefer potions.) I would love to be able to join a game online against Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw. I can do Virtual Quidditch because I know I quite literally don't have the heart to play the real deal. It is my destiny to be the keeper. OKAY, I want to BE the keeper.

I'm not sure how much data and space a Quidditch game would take up on Pottermore - would it slow down to a hamster running in a wheel - but one can only wonder that this could be the reason why it's not on Pottermore....But, I digress.

If you chose choose the games to play on Pottermore, 
which would you prefer?

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