Decorate Your House Chamber of Secrets Style

Chamber of Secrets Style Inspiration
As first, part of our Get the Wizarding Look series, we will start with the second book and film, Chamber of Secrets. Cool to make into a modern living room or dining room, we'll bring the battle between Harry and Tom Riddle into our homes. Inspiration from the dark and dank dungeon brings forth a color palette that ranges in dark shades of gray, greens, and black, and there's plenty of room inspiration to be found! Here are some ideas to create a full look.

 For the main pieces of furniture, we'll start with dark green curtains and black velvet couch with pillows. Photo Sources: 1, 2 and 3, 4.

A few more finishing touches with the decors, a black (or grey) tiled rug for the cold hard floor, some modern end tables next to the couch and sofa chairs, and pillows (perhaps also in green!).


For lamps, I thought why not look for a snake! Not many basilisk lamps are fruitful in the marketplace, so a modification on the snake type will have to do. Below we have a cobra stain glass lamp. And, we can't forget to add a little dazzle to the walls, so why not artwork or wall hangings in tribute to Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes.

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