Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Magic Will Never End

'The Magic Will Never End' and 'Always'.

They're popular phrases we use to describe our love and devotion for the Harry Potter series. When I think back on 2011, and how all of us counted down the dreaded days towards the last movie and the hope of Pottermore, I remember the doomed feeling of realizing that it was all over.

There was also a revelation that it's not ever really over. Is it?

Every time we crack open a book, pop in one of the movies, or talk about the series with a complete stranger or family member, the series is still going strong.

It's still alive in the tours around the world.

 Whether you've been to them before, or live long distance, there's still that 'next book' excitement to see the props and the sets at Warner Bros Studios or ride the roller coasters and walk into Hogsmeade at Universal Studios.

Not even other big franchises like Star Wars or comic book fans can say they have one, let alone three, theme parks! What a reward as Harry Potter fan! 

We're not the only generation who will love Harry Potter.

So many Potterheads have defiantly declared, and so many have already started, to introduce their kids to the series.

To think that future generations who might grow up with a majority of high-tech gadgets will be introduced to Harry Potter through the world of IPads of Kindles, and even Pottermore.

As much as Pottermore only has one book available to us now, the updates and constant re-invention might have still fighting the sight when our kids are.

We might not be able to wind back our time turners and re-experience the moments of standing in line at midnight for the next book, or dressing up to see the next movie, but we can feel the memories every day.

For me, Harry Potter has a timelessness that can never be matched.

It might be remade in the future, but nothing will ever quite rock the world like the ten years we experienced. 

There are plenty of days to come where we can rediscover the series, meet with fellow fans, and keep the magic alive through blogging or reading the stories to our kids.

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