Thursday, August 02, 2012

To Buy Or Not To Buy Harry Potter Wizards Collection

In March 2012, Warner Bros. announced the Harry Potter dvds were going into the Gringotts Vaults. And, what would replace our precious dvd sets was a Harry Potter Wizards Collection to be be released in September 2012.... for $499.99 - or on marked down to $350.

Over the summer of 2012, Warner Bros. has slowly been trying to raise our anticipation for the collector's set. Their most fruitful tactic has been releasing clip-by-clip features online with interviews between Daniel Radcliffe and JK Rowling, producers, designers, etc. Some of the films' stars like Warwick Davis and Matthew Lewis even pimped the set on YouTube about what they are excited for about the set.

But, so far, the momentum hasn't been catching on.... Has it?!

The new collectors set touts its 31 discs. Not discs chalked full of never before seen footage, but discs for each movie to be available in blu-ray, dvd, and ultra-violet including special features. And, the special features you wonder? They are behind-the-scenes footage and interviews that were previously released on Ultimate Editions. The newest material added to the set are only 5 hours of never-before-seen footage from the final two movies, of what we can only guess is the footage Warner Bros. has been leaking out over the summer.

The most exciting - or could be exciting feature of the entire set, is the memorabilia. A map of Hogwarts, catalog of props and posters, and much more - all created by the graphic designs who worked on the films, worked on the items that are loaded into the trunk. The sad thing is - it's getting less than zero promotion!?

So, what is the deal with the Wizarding Collection. If it's a limited edition set only available for so many customers, why halt production of the other dvds? The limited amount of sets available might surge the 'Gotta have it before it runs out' feelings for us fans, but for me it feels like the odds stacked up - the price, the lack of new footage compared to the already discovered footage, the limited number of sets available...

As a fan of limited galleons and sickles, I've settled for the regular dvds. There are no big Ultimate Editions on my dvd shelves because even they are out of my financial reach....

Which brings me to my next point: at this time in the economy, even for the sake of a Christmas present, can young adult fans or parents' fans rush out to buy this?

Curiously, I wondered what might $350/$500 bring instead of the Wizards Collection: 
  • one year annual pass to Universal Studios / Islands of Adventures Wizarding World of Harry Potter with enough to buy memorabilia, or 4 2-day passes with a little left over to chug down some Butterbeer.
  •  Harry Potter: The 8 Film Collection, with $235 left over for Ultimate Editions.
  •  $350 to spend at Warner Bros. Store for memorabilia or ebay, for retired Harry Potter merchandise. 
  • Convert your muggle money into wizarding cash and get 34 Galleons, 12 Sickles, and 25 Knuts, and imagine what you could snag at Diagon Alley.
  • A Family Pass to the Warner Bros Studio Tour with $250 left for the gift shop 
How high does your interest rank in the Wizard Collection?
Is it to buy or not to buy?

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