Friday, August 03, 2012

JK Rowling Signing Event, Rupert Grint makes smaller movies, The Port Key

Nicknamed as Evil in Pink, Imelda Staunton played the love-to-hate (or just hate, depending on what kind of fan you are!) Dolores Umbridge. In an interview with USA Today Imelda Staunton remembers exclaiming "Hopefully!" when her daughter told her they are all going to hate you.

Once upon a time when fans wanted to learn Parseltongue, we could go to Warner Bros. translator. However, gone are the days of the website - it now redirects to the Wizard Collection dvd set. If you can't find any Parseltongue lessons in your city, there is a close alternative:

Current News:

- Quite possibly the biggest news of the week, Scholastic has announced a Harry Potter book club starting in October, with JK Rowling standing firmly behind it. The webcast to kick off the event is October 11th, 2012 12pm eastern time, and JK Rowling will be participating to answer questions.

- Also, JK Rowling is beginning - what is to be expected - the first of many signing events for her book, The Casual Vacancy. Her first stop is the London's Southbank Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on September 27th. Tickets can be purchased tomorrow at 3pm. JK Rowling will be answering questions, followed by a book signing. Let the prayers begin she comes to a city near you and me!

- Rupert Grint is happy to be making smaller movies after Harry Potter reports sfluxe. “On smaller films, you’re all in it together. It’s weird how actors are put on a pedestal – we’re part of the crew like anyone else and everyone has their job to do on a film set.”

- Who can forget the magical train journey we took with Harry, Hermione and Ron through the years? America By Rail has featured our favorite train, the Hogwarts Express, in their selections of Famous Trains in Pop Fiction.

- This week we celebrated two huge birthdays of icons in the wizarding world: author JK Rowling and Harry Potter! Share your birthday wishes for the birthday girl and boy! And, you can catch all the birthday celebration posts at our facebook page as well.

- First Post shares nine year olds thoughts on why Harry Potter is so magical.

- Producer David Heyman cringes at early films visual effect in an interview with Wired saying, "I look at some of the first film [made in 2001] and want to cringe. Then I look at later films and I’m really proud of them.”

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