Sunday, August 12, 2012

Looking Back at Pottermore One Year Later

Less than six months ago before the official opening of Pottermore, I gave a personal review of what I had thought of the site as a Beta Tester. Since Pottermore has reached it's one year anniversary from its first announcement by JK Rowling, I felt inspired to look at my own activity on Pottermore and question does it have staying power.

Where is Quidditch?

For gamer-readers, Pottermore has gained quite a following. Blog of a Pottermore Beta is a popular and informative blog about the website portal. It's packed with tips, troubleshooting, and guides for dueling. Unlike any other blog online, even Pottermore Insider, this one is perfect for readers who go back to Pottermore to duel more spells and potions.

As a non-gamer-reader, - who has tried to duel but failed no matter how many times I try, and tried to practice potions only for my cauldron to always blow up, Pottermore doesn't fill an itch I need to scratch for take up the occasional gaming.

However, I've said before and I'll say it again: my interest for Pottermore gaming would exponentially increase if they added Quidditch or wizarding chess. The site has the exquisite artwork, and the ability for houses to duel each other. So why when I am going through the first three chapters of Chamber of Secrets, AND I expect NOT to be able to de-gnome the Weasley's garden, there is a game for that?...

Is information enough?

Before going through the second book, I made my way through Philosopher's Stone just for the fun of it. I was surprised, for someone who is not on Pottermore frequently, that I unlocked some new information, and collected some objects for my trunk.

There is definitely not a lack of information about the wizarding world on Pottermore, or lack of personal insight about characters, objects, and places provided by JK Rowling. However, for an information-seeker, one never really knows when there is new content added unless one goes through the books a chapter-at-a-time.

For every player who games, is there a player who goes back to Pottermore just for info? A sufficient need for me to keep going back to the site to unlock new content remains idle.

There's an index?!

My interest to go back to Pottermore to re-read the history of my favorite Harry Potter moments had seriously wained, since I was under the assumption I had to go through the books to find my favorites. Something I was completely blind to before, I did just discover that Pottermore logs our favorite chapters, spells, characters, you name it. But, going back to Pottermore to breeze through the faves in the future seriously depends on my rate of interest.

Will Pottermore gain popularity in the year(s) to come?
Would a printed encyclopedia been more beneficial?

No doubt Pottermore is a landing page to encourage the series as ebooks, and to entertain Harry Potter fans continuously since the books and movies are over. But, as 50 Shades of Grey has outsold Harry Potter on ebooks, without a platform like Pottermore, is it foolish to wonder if a printed encyclopedia would have been a better, everlasting way into JK Rowling's imagination...? For myself, I definitely think so. A book is something I can always reach for. The site is something I always have to remind myself that it's there to enjoy - even with it being an icon on my bookmark dashboard.

Not all readers are hooked on new information, and not all readers are hooked on dueling. So, as all the books are uploaded in the coming year(s), how will Pottermore gain repeated visitors?

Why do you keep going back to Pottermore
 - for gaming, info, just 'cause it's pretty?

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