Sunday, September 23, 2012

Harry Could Speak Parseltongue. Would you too?

The first sighting, or mention should I say, of Harry Potter talking to snakes takes place in the Sorcerer's Stone. Potter empathizes with a boa constrictor held in captivity at the zoo, where the Dursley family is celebrating DudleyWudley's birthday, and he magically lets it out of its environment. This is one of several monumental moments we reckon that Potter is more than a regular boy, and perhaps it's suspecting his ability to speak to snakes his part of his wizarding abilities. It isn't until the second book Chamber of Secrets we discover what it means to be a parseltongue.

The definition of Parseltongue.
Parseltongue is the language of snakes...It is, in the common mind, associated with Dark Magic, and those possessing the ability to speak it ("Parselmouths") are very rare.

Throughout the chapter of The Dueling Club in Chamber of Secrets we discover Potter's talent for being a parseltongue / parselmouth is a gift ill-received among fellow wizards. Later at the book's climax we learned this skill Potter has is another connection to Tom Riddle. It was an ability passed down to Potter the night Voldemort tried to kill him and the curse rebounded

As muggles (aspiring to be wizards) our bloodlines aren't connected to an almighty powerful and dark wizard who is hunting us down to achieve immortality, however, I wondered what if we could speak the language of an animal...

Similar to the Slytherin connection Potter shares with Riddle, as a fellow Gryffindor would I want to speak the language of a lion? Would you want to speak the language of an eagle if Ravenclaw, badger if Hufflepuff? Like Potter I don't come across lions on a regular basis, only when I am at a zoo or animal conservatory, so this gift wouldn't be a hindrance on my normal life...But how unexciting would that be?!

What if we had the ability to choose to speak the language of an animal? My first extinct is to answer with birds because of my love of all delicate, winged creatures. To prevent the expected and probably explosive amount of voices I would hear chirping in the morning in a language I could understand, I might narrow down my choice to a specific bird: owls. Perfect for where I live, because though I do hear them, it isn't often....

If you could speak an animal's language,
which one would you speak? 

What do you think that language would be called?

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