Friday, September 28, 2012

Picking Up The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy was released yesterday on September 27th, 2012. Today I had the time and energy (in bed with the flu this whole week) to run out and pick up my reserved copy. Upon walking into Barnes and Noble there was a massive display of Rowling's new book. (pictured below)

And, just a stone's throw away was a table's worth dedicated to the boy who starred in one of the biggest movie and book franchises in history....

Me with my very own copy, just standing casually outside the too cool for school, ya'll. There wasn't a line of any sorts, but I was definitely excited enough for a line of Rowling fans. This is the very first book by the queen I actually bought at the counter!...Yes, exciting indeed.

For so many fans of Rowling, millions of readers lived through the experience of waiting in line for every Potter book, it was a part of their childhood, or parents read to their children the series. I, on the other hand, simply wasn't that involved after the third book was released. After a several year hiatus, I'm back reading the series and is still currently pre-occupied in starting with Goblet of Fire....

It's hard for me not to think that while so many had gone five years without a new novel from Rowling, I have one more to add to the phenomenon of a lifetime with the rest of the Potter series I'm reading.

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