Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This Is Infinite; I'm A Contest Winner

By now, I think all of us Potterheads are pretty aware of Emma Watson starring in the film adaptation of the highly popular The Perks of Being a Wallflower over this fall. Before the movie was released I was hopeful to get my hands on the copy of the book, but as the movie came out popularity and interest in the original material naturally made a dramatic rise at my local library.

As magic would have it, and as a frequent visitor of the wonderful Snitch Sneeker, I entered their contest for a copy of the book with the re-imagined cover with the film cast. Last week Snitch Sneeker messaged me I had won a copy! How awesome was it that I came home this week and it was waiting for me. To my shock and overload of joy, the copy was signed as well!

For fun like we all do I've entered a lot of contests, and many times I haven't won. I never expected to win this contest but I was certainly stunned and deeply grateful when I did. I am truly going to remember this infinite moment. I'd just like to give my deepest thanks to Snitch Sneeker, publishing house Simon and Schuster, and author Stephen Chbosky. Thank you!

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