Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hermione And The Grangers, Where ARE her parents?

What do we know about Hermione Granger outside of Hogwarts? She is a muggle born witch. And,  her parents are dentists, who accept that their only daughter is magical. Other than that JK Rowling doesn't let us in on too much about what goes on within the Granger household. It's hard to paint a picture of the brightest witch of her age....other than she is the brightest witch of her age.

With Harry Potter's other friend, Ron Weasley, it seems we never know too little of the Weasley family. Throughout the series, we gain interaction of what life is like out in the Burrows - the shenanigans of George and Fred, the marriage of Arthur and Molly, and the personal attachment Ginny has with Potter.

When we see Granger she is generally always with the Weasleys, Potter or both -such as staying over at the Weasleys' for the Tri-Wizard tournament. Even when she goes to get school supplies at Diagon Alley, her parents are replaced by Arthur and Molly - except on one occasion in Chamber of Secrets. She seems to get along with Ginny rather nicely but no real signs of a bonding friendships is very much explored. Even at Hogwarts, Hermione generally only has Ron and Harry.

I often wonder why did Rowling leave details of Hermione's life out of the picture?

For Hermione, sure it would be more than difficult to set her parents down before dinner and explain that she overbooked her classes during her third year of Hogwarts, and she traveled back in time to to get from class to class - and that she helped a Hippogriff and a prisoner of Azkaban escape execution. Or that in her first year at just eleven years old she assisted her friends through several life-threatening challenges to capture the Sorcerer's Stone.
But, it's a curious question and plothole to ponder: if Granger's parents trusted Hermione enough to let her stay with the Weasleys on several occasions, why didn't we see more interaction between the two families? At one such point in Half Blood Prince, Granger mentions that her parents are Muggle Born and even they know something isn't going right in the wizarding world - when danger with Voldemort is creeping towards its highest point. So why then don't we even see the Granger parents putting up a fight for their only daughter to stay safely in Muggle world?

My only solution to this is that Hermione could not relate her magical life to her parents so much that that her isolation matched that of Harrys - his friends was his closest family.

But it begs the question in general: how did Muggle parents deal with their magical sons and daughters - who lead tamer lives than the golden trios - if even they couldn't take them to Diagon Alley or Platform 9 3/4 quarters?

What are your thoughts on Hermione and her parents? 
Do you think you would have struggled at Hogwarts 
had you been a muggle-born student?

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