The Cost of Being The Ultimate Harry Potter fan

Friday, December 21, 2012
We know that Harry Potter is the most successful franchise in film history and one of the most-sold children's books in literature. Next to the film and book sales, from merchandise to memorabilia like a replica of Dobby and a personalized Hogwarts Letter, have you wondered how much we've spent in showing our dedication and passion to JK Rowling's series.

Sent to Potter Blogger by MoneySupermarket;, we find out with this infographic what it costs to be the ultimate Harry Potter fanImage source: MoneySuperMarket

Though the information is in U.K. pounds, the total for being an Ultimate Harry Potter fan in dollars is: $87,393.60. To be a regular fan, the total is: $301.57.

Now we can only imagine how much more it would if we added a trip to Leavesden Studios, or U.K. fans to fly across the pond for Universal Studios' Wizarding World of Harry Potter. That's a lot of pounds, dollars, yen, sickles and galleons. I think we can agree it's worth it though!

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