Monday, June 03, 2013

Warwick Davis at Disney's Star Wars Weekend 2013

Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis attended the 2013 Star Wars Weekend event held at Disney World in Orlando, FL. At Hollywood Studios, Davis among other cast members of the George Lucas franchise participated in autograph signings and discussion panels.

Davis also performed a short comedy show titled An Ewok's Tale. In one of the small-sized theaters at the amusement park, guests attended a brief show where the actor portrayed a bit of his life story as an Ewok and other memorable roles such as Professor Flitwick from the Harry Potter franchise.

On stage, Warwick chose guests out of the crowd to re-enact moments of his career such as George Lucas hiring him for Star Wars as well as Hermione Granger giving Ron Weasley advice on how to perform  Wingardium Leviosa.

I was lucky enough to attend the last performance of his show, and it was an enjoyable treat to see Davis in person! Below is a Harry Potter part of the performance.

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