Friday, July 05, 2013

Hypable Delivers Open Letter to Pottermore

Since it's official opening in April 2012 the Potterhead community has watched Pottermore win prestigious recognition for its digital readership and e-publishing platform. But we've also watched it flounder. Many fans have expressed that after being sorted and choosing their wand, they have never or rarely ever return to the website. PotterTalk has been apart of this discussion commenting on the lack of interactivity between students and how its only games are charms and dueling.

Most recently in the news, Pottermore lost its CEO Charlie Redmayne. The executive titan has been behind the wheel of Pottermore since it's inception and is now heading back to book publishing firm Harper Collins.

With some new shoes to be filled, the leading fandom website Hypable wrote an open letter to the new CEO. Many of its points are well-supported - such as more interactive gaming, the ability to chat with other students, and much more. It's definitely an interesting read for Pottermore fans and one-time browsers, echoing what so many of us have felt about the website. Perhaps this can give fans a bit of hope that Pottermore might find a way to get one-time students to return again and again.


  1. Sounds good! I would like to see some changes too. I had not been on in almost 2 years, but my kids wanted to get sorted, so I signed them up. Now they are hooked, dueling each other and me :) I noticed not many people had been back in awhile. We would like to see some Quidditch, play Wizard's Chess, and read the books. Definitely need more explorable scenes, not just find a galleon. Hope they listen.

  2. Thanks Janflora! I agree - it would be fun to go through a chapter and do more than find objects that aren't really usable. Galleons are nice though! Playing Quidditch would be great, and I'd forgotten about wizard's chess. Happy to hear that dueling is still enjoyed by many. :)


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