Thursday, August 07, 2014

LeakyCon Day 3: Hogwarts Alumni Association, Guiness World Record Attempt, and Book to Movies Panel

The Hogwarts Alumni Association
Scarlett Byrne (Pansy Parkinson), Ellie Darcey-Alden (Young Lily), Robbie Jarvis (young James Potter), Nick Shirm (Zacharias Smith), Charlotte Skeoch (Hannah Abbot)

Six Harry Potter actors united for the Hogwarts Alumni Association panel to reminisce what their experience was like to be apart the biggest franchise in movie and book history.

The cast discussed visiting the newly opened Diagon Alley theme park and their excitement of visiting the theme parks, which exceeded all of their expectations. Actor Nick Shirm actually witnessed an engagement proposal during his visit to Universal Studios Orlando. He also talked about attending music school and sang Maroon.

While sharing the auditioning process the actors underwent, Jarvis shared an exceptionally comedic story. During his audition with other James' in a big room, they were encouraged to play a game of tapping other actors on the head. Jarvis noticed five people sitting down alongside one of the walls and immediately went over to tap them on the head to win the game. Upon ending the auditioning and getting a call back, he learned that the studious-looking guests he had tapped on the head were apart of the casting and production crew; one of which was director David Yates.

In regards to the scope and passionate love for the series from fans around the world, all of the actors were grateful and thankful towards the journey of being apart of the Harry Potter films, and remarked how their participation has allowed for their lives to take different paths they may not have taken otherwise.

2014 Guinness World Record Attempt

In 2012, LeakyCon goers donned their finest footie pajamas in an attempt to make history Gathered in one of the main halls at Orange County Convention Center (the home for LeakyCon this year), attendees attempted to break a Guinness World Record: most people to wear a paper crown for a full five minutes. The spotlight and pressure was on for so many sporting head furniture of all colors and decorations, but we made it; history that is!

The Book was Better: Having Your Books Made Into A Movie

Robin Wasserman, Laurie Halse Anderson, Holly Black, Gayle Forman, and John Green

As passionate readers we are often frustrated when books are made into movies, and there are a lot of essential details that not make it to the big screen Maybe it's a particular detail of a character or an important scene that deepens for his/her journey, and often we feel robbed when particular scenes or chapters aren't adapted. Gathered together for a panel, five published authors revealed the process of what it takes for one of their stories to be made into a movie.

In most cases, such as Green and Forman whose books recently were recently released into theatres, they were both satisfied with how the books were adapted. Their involvement is truly more limited than we often consider in adaptations. Authors are not often sought out by the production to get approval for how the movie will be made, and usually once the deal is made for the rights of the book to be sold, they have no creative control. They might be able to share ideas and opinions about how the movie was cast or which scenes should not be cut out, but the production really has the final say over the final product. 

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