Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cast Q&A at A Celebration of Harry Potter Weekend 2015

Evanna Lynch, James and Oliver Phelps and Michael Gambon were on hand a A Celebration of Harry Potter to participate in the Q&A panels as well as autograph sessions. I wasn't able to sequeeze into one of the autograph sessions but seeing them in person at one of the panels was so exciting!

Theme parks guest gathered at the music plaza in front of Rip, Ride, Rock it Rollercoaster. The panel was led by fans in the audience who asked the cast members questions.

Unfortunately, because the panel was set up in front of an outdoor rollercoaster, listening to the panel was difficult to hear sometimes. Some of the questions asked were truly unique and offered great insight into the making of the series and how the actors viewed their own characters.

A big revelation - for fans who didn't know already - Michael Gambon confessed to having not read the books during filming the movies, and was even given permission by J.K. Rowling to not have to read the books to play Dumbledore.

On the subject of if James Phelps discovered how his character Fred Weasley died, he shared a story of being on a train in Japan while reading Deathly Hallows. He took great lengths to not find out how the series was going to end by not checking his cellphone or email. As he was reaching the end of the book, a conductor was walking through the passenger rows checking everyone's tickets when he found out his character's death. Phelps explained it was a surreal moment to be doing something so ordinary as getting his ticket checked on the train while finding out a part of him died (his character).

One of my favorite questions was: Which form would your Patronus take? Evanna Lynch said a koala, Oliver suggested a wombat, Michael Gambon wanted a lion, and James Phelps suggested "Man Bear Pig" (for those who are familiar with South Park, it's a character from Trey and Matt's cartoon series on Comedy Central).

It was so much fun to watch the actors and listen to their experiences on the set of Harry Potter. Attendance for general guests were 'seated' pretty far back from the stage, so these pics are the best of what I took of the giant screens plastered next to the auditorium. Hope you enjoy!

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