Saturday, July 18, 2015

Celebrate JK Rowling & Harry Potter Birthdays with PotterWeek

July 31st is a remarkable day in the life of us Potter fans - a day to enjoy the birthdays of both author J.K. Rowling and our hero Harry Potter. If you're looking for a magical new way to celebrate this year, Common Room is commencing #PotterWeek. 7 days of Harry Potter based prompts for fans to unveil their thoughts and ideas.
Here is the schedule so far:

25- PotterVerse (origins, meanings, anything language based)
26- PotterPeeps (characters)
27- PotterPonderings (crackpot theories, symbolism, literary analysis)
28- PotterHouse (Pottermore vs your own prediction)
29- PotterParks (experiences, wishlist, more)
30- PotterPowers (spells, charms, races)
31- PotterPotpourri (any posts that don’t fit the other topics.)

Check out the Common Room to get more awesome info!

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