Sunday, December 27, 2015

20 Times J.K. Rowling Cast a Spell on Twitter in 2015

The wizarding world is very much alive in the books, movies, and our hearts. Another place it thrives is twitter. Author J.K. Rowling continues to answer our most probing questions on her official twitter account. Her responses, confirmations, and revealing details of the Harry Potter series as well as the highly-anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has changed the wizarding world as we knew it. Check out some of her best tweets where she cast a spell on social media in 2015!

Made us wish we attended wizarding world schools' even more!

Announced Luna Lovegood's birthday

Explained how a patronus can be changed

Encouraged a young fan who was discouraged from following her dreams

Complimented Dumbledore's death theory

Disagreed with female fans of Malfoy's redemption

Engaged in The Great Snape Debate

Shut down bullies

Replied to John Green

Encouraged her followers & fans to never give up

Reminded us how wizarding world experience was real

Announced Sirius Blacks' birth date

Shared fan art of Hermione

Responded to naysayers about the crisis of refugees

Put our worries to rest: we don't have to wait for our letters anymore

Made canon dreams come true as African-American actress was announced to play Hermione in the Cursed Child play

Announced James and Teddy's Sorting Hat results

Turned down misogynistic insults

Asked fans to wish a young James Potter good luck!

Came to the defense of Voldemort in comparison to Donald Trump

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