A Celebration of Harry Potter 2016 Universal Orlando Part 2

In my last post about the Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida featured pictures of the Harry Potter expo - like MinaLima's graphic design from the films and amazing merchandise. Today's coverage of my trip includes pictures of the Warner Bros Studio Tour, exclusive merchandise, a Q&A session with the film cast, and a special run-in with one of the movie's cast members. Hope you enjoy!

At the Universal Studios Florida exhibition, Warner Bros Studios set up shop with an exclusive mini-tour. A separate space was made for wandmakers and make-up artists to talk about what it was like to work on the films.

The wand and wandmaker - Each one was made from a cast and molding to be painted and given finishing touches. The make-up counter was full of wigs, prosthetic and make-up used on the actors for the film. Before leaving witches and wizards could duel against a dreaded Death Eaters! 

At the International Market Showcase various items were on display including a three-headed Fluffy, Hogwarts and Dobby sculpture, characters as dolls, and a MASSIVE Hogwarts Lego display (below).

  One of my favorite parts of the showcase - a GIANT Hogwarts Lego. Not one detail seemed to be missing. It had a big of the Great Lake, Whomping Willow, boathouse and Hagrid's Hut.

To conclude the weekend celebration, we attended a live Q&A with the cast featuring Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch and Matthew Lewis. Though we got to the stage well-in advanced, the turn-up was still pretty packed. Even though our spot was pretty far back from the stage, seeing the cast in person was so much fun!

After the cast Q&A, my family went to Diagon Alley for dinner and walk around. In Knockturn Alley, Katie Leung was taking photos with fans. She was kind and gracious to let me take a photo with her. What a way to cap off the weekend!

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