15 Magical Socks Dobby Would Love (and you will too!)

Happy Birthday to kind ol' Dobby, the sweet house-elf who protected his dear friend Harry Potter.

In celebration of one of our favorite magical creatures, I've compiled some magical socks that Dobby would love (and maybe even a little jealous of?). I know fellow Potterheads will love them too as part of my on-going series Get the Wizarding Look.

Here are some magical socks that would make a great addition to every witch or wizard's wardrobe. Hope you enjoy!

1. Scarecrow socks by Sock Lady
2. Argyle Star Wars socks by IanLeinoDesign
3. Glasses socks by Joy of Socks
4. Barn Owl socks by Sock Drawer
5. Rubber Ducky socks by Urban Outfitters
6. Bee Bee socks by ManyMornings
7. Aztec socks by Jays Apparel
8. Mismatched socks by FridaySockCo

9. Brick socks by BoldFootSocks
10. Deer socks by MemoApparel
11. Argyle socks by Golfknickers
12. Yellow Check socks by Unique Ever
13. Textured Diamonds by the Tie Bar
14. Chess Board socks by GreatLookz
15. Harry Potter glasses socks

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