Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter Review

Potter Talk was sent this book in exchange for my honest review. Enjoy!

The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter celebrates the magic of our beloved world by bringing staples from the books and films to life in craft form. From Rememberall Rings to Pensieves and Butterbeer Lip Balm, this book takes simple supplies and transfigures them into magical recreations from the Harry Potter series.

I was sent this book in exchange for a review. Let me say, I'm not the most avid crafter in the world. I often have ideas but rarely feel inspired enough to make the full dive into crafting.

When this book arrived in the mail and was in my hands, I saw how much more magic and connection can be made to the wizarding world. I was instantly ecstatic and couldn't wait to dive into these crafts - all 30 of them to be exact.

Author and blogger Jamie Harrington offers a fun and fantastic book fit for beginner to hardcore Harry Potter fans alike. Tucked within the themed chapters of are charming ideas to decorate the Great Hall (your house) and The Common Room (your bedroom) to The Dark Forest (for the outdoors). She offers something for everyone: celebrate Hogwarts pride with house-color tie dye shirts, let your jewelry take flight with a golden snitch necklace, or take a bite out of a cookie from a Honeydukes jar. Whether you're looking to add a bit of Potter to your life or for your family, her crafts have something for everyone in mind.

A wonderful aspect of the book is just how beautiful it is as well. The chapters are nicely evened up and divided between sections of the house. For example, the craft above is a Sorcerer's Stone paperweight made for school. Alongside a photo of each craft and the easy-to-follow instructions, Harrington also provides Transfiguration Tips - advice to help make your project the best it can be.

The photos are bright and clear, truly establishing just how great they would be as an addition in any home, bedroom, and kitchen. And the design makes me feel like it's a modern-day Hogwarts guidebook. It's a great fit to my Harry Potter collection, and the crafts I make will be too.

One of the many projects that caught my eye was Pencil Wands. Using some number two pencils, hot glue, paint, and Mod Podge, I was able to create a really cool collection.

Harrington's instructions start with wrapping hot glue in a style of your choice around the pencil. Then paint over the glue and seal with Mod Podge. It only took me a few hours due to waiting for the glue and then paint to dry, which was not a problem at all. The project was wonderfully simple and so much fun.

The three I made (pictured above) have different colors and styles; the silver has a slick melted look, the brown is a Hermione-inspired spiral, and the black pencil wand fit for a Death Eater has a bumpy surface. I love how these turned out and look forward to experimenting with more in the future.

The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter is a bewitching guide for witches and wizards of all ages looking to add a bit more magic into their lives. It's filled with charming and spellbinding projects that are easy-to-follow and a blast to make.

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