Monday, September 19, 2016

Product Review: Harry Potter Clock by LetterThings

Potter Talk was sent this clock in exchange for my honest review. Enjoy!

Brightest witch of her age Hermione Granger may have a time turner for her school escapades, but modern wizards will love this creative clock by LetterThings on Etsy. This working 8.75" round clock adds a dash of imagination to every home.

I absolutely love this clock. Instead of traditional numbers to tell time, wizarding tasks guides you throughout the day such as Clean Owl Cage, Service Broom, Stir Potion, Feed Creatures, and Knit Elf Clothes. Each hour is a wonderful reference to an activity Harry Potter and his friends did throughout the books. It's a unique way of taking a regular object but elevating it to into a wonderful piece of home decor every bookworm and Harry Potter fan will love.

The clock isn't just for decoration - it actually works! Operating the clock is simple. It runs on one AA battery which is easy to insert on the back. As well, a circular knob can be rotated to set the correct time. There is also a wedge to hang it on the wall.

What's truly impressive is that every clock is hand-assembled. The edges of the face are burned individually and have a unique paper texture. No two clocks are alike. I love the simplicity of the clock, and the imagination of it's creators truly captured my Potter heart.

At 8.75" diameter, the clock is a sturdy black plastic with a glass front. The minute and hour hands actually move around. Letter Things offers their product in different colors like Gryffindor Red, Traditional Black (which is my version), or Quidditch Snitch Gold. I highly recommend it as it is a great addition to any Harry Potter collection.

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