Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pottermore Releases Official Patronus Quiz

Pottermore Releases Official Patronus Quiz
Early fans of the initial Pottermore website may recall a promised Patronus quiz for young witches and wizards. At the time, the interactive launch allowed visitors to explores the books chapter-by-chapter and face against each other in duels for house points. While fans were able to be sorted, choose their wands, and add secret items to their trunks, one essential thing on their wishlist was to find what form their Patronus would take.

With the site's relaunch earlier this year removing the interactive qualities, Pottermore's new face as an encyclopedia and blog left much to visitor's imagination. Slowly, the site regained it's quizzes to be sorted into your Hogwarts house and the wand choose you, as well as consistently stay updated in all things Potter.

Finally, the wait is over as the website officially released a Patronus quiz!

With most major developments from the Harry Potter franchise, major to minor updates becomes an instant social media trend. #ExpectoPatronum and #Pottermore lept onto Twitter's radar like a chocolate frog jumping out of it's Honeydukes box.

Each patronus is unique to the wizard who conjures it. -Remus Lupin 

The only requirement to take the test is that you join Pottermore - which is free! And then you may take the quiz, which is similar to the Sorting Hat test.

A series of cryptic prompts are presented to the user. Be warned - the quiz is timed to inspire people to go with their instincts, so choose wisely but quickly or it will move to the next prompt.

Wizards and witches's patronus can take the form of almost any animal, and in rare cases, magical creatures. If you're worried about your charm taking shape into another animal, don't worry - patronuses can change throughout the years. Even J.K. Rowling's patronus changed from the beginning stages of making the quiz to the official 'sorting'.

This was my result:
Patronus Quiz Results Pottermore

I was asked this series of prompts: leaf, blade or thorn, hope, trust or love, who or why, sweet or salt, mind, heart or spirit.. My result was a robin, which is pretty fitting for me - though I do still wonder what memory I'd use to cast it in the wizarding world.

For fans who would like more information on their individual animal, they will have to put their modern skills to work and research animal meanings. I discovered that robins represent putting dramas behind me, seeking joy, reveling in a song, and look for new beginnings for growth.

Did you take Pottermore's Patronus quiz? Are your happy with the results? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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