Friday, May 05, 2017

Pottermore Launches New Wizarding World Book Club

Pottermore Wizarding World Book Club
Photo Credit: Pottermore
This summer, Pottermore is launching a new book club for wizards and witches!

With the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone just around the corner, Pottermore, in collaboration with Bloomsbury and Scholastic, are launching a bewitching new project.

In June, fans can join the official Wizarding World book club - a free online club where fans can discuss and examine every book in the series. Participants will read (or re-read) one book in the series every month, or a little longer since Potter's journeys do become longer page-wise. Whether you're enjoying J.K. Rowlings world for the very first time, or returning for the millionth, readers of all kinds can join in on the fun!

How you can participate: 

Register at Pottermore. You'll be able to check out the Wizarding World Book Club on the official Pottermore website, discuss the books with fellow fans, read new articles relating to themes (info below!) and receive rewards for your reading progress.

Follow Wizarding World Book Club on twitter. Each week the official account will give updates on the book club and introduce a new theme to be discussed.

More information will be released soon about how to participate - so stay tuned!

Can you remember where you were when the very first Harry Potter book was released? Will you be joining this magical project this summer?

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