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10 Ways to Celebrate Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary

10 Ideas to Celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday
June 26th, 2017 marks the 20th anniversary since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was officially published in the UK. And, with Scholastic publishing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on June 26th, 2018, it won't be long before readers in the U.S. will celebrate the same landmark. From books to movies, charities, education, and theme parks, our Muggle world knows the name of the boy who lived.

Want to mark this magical milestone? Here are ten ideas to celebrate Harry Potter's very special birthday. Are you planning on celebrating our favorite magical series? Feel free to share in the comments!

1. Read the first book again

Go back on that first journey to Hogwarts and aside some free time to re-read the Philosopher's Stone. Pair up your walk down memory lane with a nice cup of tea or snacks. If you haven't tried the audiobooks with Audible, listening to Harry Potter's journey can offer a new way to think about the characters with a narrator.

2. Explore Pottermore

Just when we think we know everything about the wizarding world, there's always something new to discover on Pottermore. The digital hub of J.K. Rowling's series is the place where you can get sorted into your Hogwarts house, discover your patronus, take quizzes, and read exclusive features by Rowling.

3. Donate to Lumos

While lighting up the world with her vivid imagination, Rowling created a foundation to help children who are left abandoned and orphaned in terrible conditions. Lumos works to put an end to millions of children's suffering around the world. Consider getting involved by making a donation and raising awareness.

4. Donate books to children in need

Harry Potter sparked imagination and a love of reading for millions of children. I was one of them, and I'm sure you are too. Help children find their love of stepping into another world and finding themselves in fictional characters by donating books to those children in need. Donations to The Harry Potter Alliance's program gives kids and their parents an opportunity build their own home libraries. Check organizations in your area which might be accepting donations too such as schools and homeless shelters.

5. Check Your Local Events

Yoga? Conventions? Trivia night? Organizations in your local area might be coordinating a Harry Potter themed events all year long. Scour the Facebook events and 'Google' Harry Potter events in your city. Websites like EventBrite lists events make it as easy as looking in a crystal ball, so mark your calendars!

6. Visit Universal Studios theme parks

Universal has conjured three amazing Harry Potter themed parks around the world - in California, Florida, and Japan. Decked out with Hogsmeade (and/or Diagon Alley), fans can journey through life-like attractions inspired by the Chosen One's adventures, pick up splendid collectibles like house scarves and robes, try wizarding food and toast the boy who lived with delicious Butterbeer.

7. Buy new copies

UK publisher Bloomsbury re-released new covers for Philosopher's Stone inspired by each Hogwarts house - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff. And, Scholastic also re-released the series for U.S. readers with brand-new covers by illustrator Brian Selznick.

8. Make Crafts

Want to recreate the magic of Harry Potter in your house? Take a look at my Get the Wizarding Look series for ideas of how to transform your bedroom or living room into your favorite spaces from the wizarding world. Or are you feel up for a little DIY? Stop by Pinterest for one second and you'll be inspired to create almost anything from the wizarding world: pencil wands, flying keys, house banners, and so much more. 

9. Hold a movie marathon

Sit, back, and relax and watch your favorite adventures with some simple snacks like jelly beans and homemade butterbeer. Go hardcore by watching a few of your favorite adventures or squeeze them all in one day. Think it can't be done? With the right timing, enthusiasm, and determination, it can! Here is my guide for having a one day Harry Potter marathon so you can try it for yourself!

10. Throw a Harry Potter birthday

Invite your own golden trio over for a Harry Potter themed party. Enjoy a cake, make pencil wands, homemade butterbeer, a scrumptious cake, and decorations. Bloomsbury has a downloadable party pack available on their website. Sit and watch the first movie together or take turns re-reading the first book. Remember to raise a glass of butterbeer or pumpkin juice and toast the boy who lived!

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