Sunday, October 15, 2017

10 Harry Potter Inspired Candles to Keep You Warm This Winter

Autumn has arrived and winter's on its way, so it's time to cozy up in our common rooms with some cocoa, chocolate frogs, a good book, and of course - cozy candles to keep us warm. Whether floating from the ceiling, or just tucked away nicely on a table / booksehfl, they make such a bewitching addition to our Muggle homes. If you're looking for some Harry Potter inspired candles to illuminate and warm up your space, I've got ten which are perfect for the upcoming season.

* None of the products listed below are sponsored links or ads. I do not make a commission from the items featured on this page. This post was curated purely by myself*

Nerd Wicks brings out a scent of buttery goodness with Buttery Wizards Brew, $10

Little Crow Candles lets us pop by Hagrid's Hut for a quick visit between classes, $12

Paper Crown Candles helps us get a whiff of Weasley's humble abode, $16
Frostbeard Studio takes us one step closer into Divination class and the Headmaster's office, $18

Bubble and Geek invokes the beautiful scent of a castle's best nook: the library, $16

Pret A Geek invites us to enjoy the company of other magical folks with Wizard's Feast, $8.26

The Candle Crate brings the Black family home out of hiding with Grimmauld Place, $12

Cornerfolds Candles makes one master of death with The Hallows, $7.50

Scent Pop Candles tributes our favorite ginger King Ron Weasley

Wick and Fable celebrates our favorite boarding school with Holiday at Hogwarts, $6

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