Friday, January 12, 2018

#BlackHogwarts Reimagines Harry Potter Series (Here are Some of the Best Tweets)

Twitter #BlackHogwarts Reimagines Harry Potter
The Harry Potter series is beloved around the world, but there's no denying some of its questionable elements. One of which is the lack of diversity in the wizarding world throughout the movies. With speaking roles making up only one percent of the entire eight films, people of color are highly underrepresented. We can't use our timeturner to undo some of the whitewashing, so we can always count on Twitter to right some of the wrongs in the fandom.

Tweeters created their own #BlackHogwarts and used the hashtag to reimagine pivotal moments and characters. (And guess what? J.K. Rowling made sure to share her support.) Check out some of the best tweets I found on Twitter, and make sure to check out the tag yourself, which is taking the social media platform by storm.

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