Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Harry Potter Inspired Apartment Will Make You Feel Like You're At Hogwarts

Photo: SWNS/Canongate Luxury Apartment.
If you want to live at Hogwarts, a new luxury apartment created by superfan Yue Gao might be as close as you can get. Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, Canongate Luxury Apartment pays homage to the wizarding world that has bewitched generations of fans.

The apartment comes with a Gryffindor inspired master bedroom, Hogwarts Express second-bedroom, fully stocked kitchen and beautiful bathroom. Two pieces of furniture even belonged to J.K. Rowling

Gao described her labor of love to SouthwestNews, "I didn't want to turn it into a cheap copy of the film, so it's more like an homage from a huge fan rather than [a] copy of the movie. I think this house holds collected memories of a whole generation of people who grew up watching Harry Potter."

Scotland is the perfect location to house this apartment straight out of the wizarding world. Its the city which famously inspired J.K. Rowling to start writing about the boy who everyone in our world would come to know his name.

The apartment is available to rent year-round. Visitors can expect to pay about $206 (£150 GBP) per night. Photos are courtesy of SouthwestNews and Canongate Luxury Apartment. (If you're looking for more magical inspiration to enchant your house or apartment, Get the Wizarding Look is a great place to start!)

Photo: SWNS/Canongate Luxury Apartment.
 Gryffindor Common Room with custom maroon and gold curtains, a ceiling with candles like The Great Hall, and a four-poster bed

Photo: SWNS/Canongate Luxury Apartment.
Second-bedroom modeled after a carriage in the Hogwarts Express

Photo: SWNS/Canongate Luxury Apartment.
Kitchen comes fully stocked with Harry Potter inspired dishware, washer, dryer, coffee maker, and dishwasher

Photo: SWNS/Canongate Luxury Apartment.
Hallways are plastered with portraits just like the halls of Hogwarts

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