Tuesday, January 23, 2018

HP Fan Tour Launches Immersive Adventure “The Fantastical Tour"

Want to take a ride on a magical train just like the Hogwarts Express? Or stay at a castle of your own for two nights? In July 2018, HP Fan Trips are launching "The Fantastic Tour", an interactive experience of unforgettable memories for the biggest Harry Potter fans.

The 8-day/7-night tour includes lodging and private transportation as you take a wizarding adventure through England and Scotland. Guests are brought into a magical and mysterious storyline, as you visit all of the filming sights, are introduced to characters, hunt for beasts and fight against dark magic.

Check out their announcement video:

 From the official press release:
Hunt For Magical Beasts And More On HP Fan Tour’s Immersive Adventure, “The Fantastical Tour,” July 2018.

HP Fan Trips /HP Fan Tours have been bringing guests into the world of wizardry for over 15 years - and now they’re bringing you one step closer with the announcement of the sequel to their “Fantastical Tour” this July 2018.

"The Fantastical Tour" is an immersive wizarding adventure tour in England and Scotland unlike any other, where guests are brought into an interactive storyline filled with magic and mystery.

While travelling through the filming sights of England and Scotland - you’ll be introduced to characters and surprises at every turn.

Hunting for beasts and fighting against dark magic, you’ll even stay in your very own castle of wizardry (Lumley Castle) for two nights during your 8 day/7 night tour.

Get sorted into your favorite house, learn how to tame fantastical beasts, practice potions and spells, fight against dark magic, form alliances and take part in Lumley School of Wizardry’s wizarding tournament.
This amazing experience may sound like a tale of fiction, but “The Fantastical Tour" is coming to life July 15-22, 2018 and Highlands Extension July 22-25, 2018. 

As a special treat for my readers, use the special code POTTERTALK when you book this adventure to receive $100 off. Visit their website for more details: www.hpfantours.com. Or contact them at 1-855-MOVIE-FAN.

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