Thursday, May 03, 2018

A Novel Love Chocolate Frog Bookmarks (Product Review)

Chooclate Frog Bookmarks Harry Potter Etsy
Chocolate frogs are one of my favorite snacks from the Harry Potter universe. But they aren't necessarily the easiest treat to enjoy - not only are they ready to jump away as soon as you open the package, but you can't eat all of the frogs you want once you catch them and avoid gaining a muggle pound.

One of my favorite discoveries as a Harry Potter fan has been these gorgeous chocolate frog inspired bookmarks! Made with love from A Novel Love Gifts on Etsy, these stunning designs are so much fun to use while reading and using in my planners. Adding them to my collection as Harry Potter fan and bookworm always makes me smile.

Chooclate Frog Bookmarks A Novel Love Etsy

Chooclate Frog Harry Potter Etsy A Novel Love

The bookmarks are incredibly detailed combining the package used for chocolate frogs and a frog itself. They are available in two sizes - regular and mini as pictured above. And they're magnetic, which makes them easy to slip around the pages of the books I'm reading and won't damage the page. It feels like I got these right out of Diagon Alley at Flourish and Blotts!

If you're looking for a wonderful treat to give to a fellow Potterhead or looking to add a bookmark to your collection, I definitely recommend these chocolate frog bookmarks by A Novel Love Gifts.

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Chooclate Frog Harry Potter Etsy A Novel Love

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